Since 1354, about 7 centuries of conquest in Gelibolu is estimated to be produced cheese halva, known everywhere in Turkey and is a popular flavor of Canakkale. Turkey is demand around the globe. Let's examine this local dessert, which has a unique taste, starting from its historical development.


Şehzade Süleyman Pasha comes to the Dardanelles in 1354. In the Çardak Town of Lapseki, he started preparations for his lords and soldiers to pass to Rumelia. First, he had two rafts for 40 people, and he took 80 veterans from the historical plane tree in Çardak to Gelibolu Çimpe Castle. Thus, for the first time, Turks would pass to Rumelia. The operation, which started with approximately 3000 soldiers, proceeds rapidly with the conquest of Gelibolu. After this historical expedition, feasts are organized for celebration and cheese halva emerges in one of these feasts. Cheese halva, which is identified with the name of Çanakkale, is a dessert that is offered to guests, local people and shepherds during the shearing period of sheep, that is, during the shearing period of sheep to spend the summer season more comfortably. known as. This dessert, unique to the region, continues to be produced with the same flavor as the special recipe from the ancestors.


The cheese halva produced and sold in Çanakkale is a dessert unique to this region. Although it is also found in neighboring provinces in the Marmara Region, it is stated that the starting point for all these desserts is Çanakkale.

Cheese halva is a dessert that is produced especially in the Thrace region, but it varies in production and taste according to the provinces and even the districts. In the production of the famous historical cheese halva of Gelibolu and Çanakkale city center, only Ezine cheese, which is unique to the district of Ezine and famous for its name, and a small amount of flour and sugar are used. Contains no preservatives.


This authentic dessert, which is known to be the nomads who come from Anatolia and deal with animal husbandry, turns into a unique taste with Ezine cheese obtained from the milk provided by the herds grown with the unique flora of the region. Cheese halva was started to be made to celebrate the increase of the herds and the increase in productivity especially in the spring months and to share with the local people. Cheese halva made with delicious Ezine cheese obtained from the milk of animals that are still fed with the unique vegetation of Çanakkale region; was renowned as a legendary dessert that left a mark on the palate with its unique aroma, quality and original taste.


Cheese halva, also known as Höşmerim but completely different, is offered in two forms, baked or not. It can be consumed cold without being baked or hot as baked, depending on the palate. A different flavor can be obtained by adding tahini on it. Especially in summer, it cheers the palates with gummy ice cream. You can check out this article for the recipe of baked cheese halva.

Although the making of cheese halva seems practical, there are fine details to achieve the full taste worthy of mouth. At this point, the famous Kadir Usta cheese halva comes to mind. It becomes the oldest name for cheese halva in Çanakkale. Such that; here, there is a trend towards 'Kadirism'. Not to mention summer or winter, it gives the right to this school with its long tail and a single store. It is not possible to come to this beautiful city and not stop by.



In the past only produced cheese halva sheepshearing the time, both now because of the intense interest from both local people in almost every by Turkey's possible to see all year round. Helva, produced from salt-free fresh cheese made from goat, sheep and cow milk depending on the season, attracts great attention especially from visitors to the region. Once tasting this unique flavor, visitors request it to be sent by cargo when they return. Recently, particularly in the center of Canakkale produced Kadir Usta cheese halva transported courier to anywhere in Turkey. Some of these are Istanbul, Ankara, Gaziantep, Sanliurfa, Mersin and Antalya. The flavor of the legendary flavor of Çanakkale for 7 centuries, cheese halva, travels all over the country.